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Shipping Cost Tables

Because the complete table with all the costs takes quite long to be downloaded, we have divided it in a number of smaller tables:

Shipping Cost for INSTRUMENTS
Shipping Cost for KITS
Shipping Cost for PLANS
Shipping Cost for ACCESSORIES and TOOLS

Packing, Insurance and Delivery Cost

We are experts at packing and delivering musical instruments no matter what their shape or size and automatically insure all items for their full value on your behalf.

Unless you specify otherwise, we choose for each destination and size of package a quick (not express), economic and secure service to ship your order. Based on that service are the shipping rates provided. Alternatively, you can propose another one.

It is not easy at all to publish the shipping cost for all the destinations and all the products because the shipping companies apply complex formulas with the weight, volume, type of box, urgency, etc. and are continuously changing them according to the oil price, competence, etc.

The published shipping costs are intended as a guide only based in our wide experience. When we confirm your order and give an expected delivery time, we always notify you if there is any increment.

Deliveries with more than one item can benefit of reduced shipping rates.

Shipping Areas

Shipping cost depend on the destination, so first of all, please consult the zone of destination. Then, find the cost to send the instrument, kit or plan to that zone.



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