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13th Oct 2004 - La Guardia Civil interviene más de 33 toneladas de Dalbergia Nigra. [more]

2nd Jul 2004 - La Guardia Civil interviene cerca de tres toneladas de marfil. [more]

10th Sep 2003 - If you are a fan of the rich, velvety sounds of baroque music and the beautiful, often bizarre instruments on which the music is played, then you might be interested to know that you can now own one of those rare musical pieces.  [more]

24th Feb 2003 - The Renaissance Workshop Company - one of a few in the world that specialise in manufacturing early musical instruments - has been asked to develop a traditional English concertina [more]

17th Feb 2003 - Folk musicians can look forward to the inclusion of a traditional English concertina among their collection of instruments [more]

27th Sep 1999 - Sales of early music instruments are expected to really take off world-wide thanks to the buy-out of a Bradford workshop by its manager [more]



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