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Obtaining your Musical Instrument

If you want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of obtaining an instrument or if you doubt if you will get a good instrument from a kit, please, read the following articles.

Making or Buying: advantages and disadvantages

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of several ways of obtaining an instrument from different points of view.

The First Questions about Making

Can I really build a musical instrument?
Why should I build musical instruments?
When I should start?
What is a Kit?
Should I build my first instrument from scratch, or should I buy a kit?
I want to build a perfect musical instrument even though I have no experience as a woodworker or instrument maker.
Can I build it cheaper myself?
Can an instrument built from a kit be good enough for musical purposes or be as good as a professionally made by an expert instrument maker?
How finished are the parts of the RWC kits?
Is everything included in a RWC kit?
Can an occasionally builder get the same quality that a professional builder gets?
Can an occasionally builder at home, with the same kit, get the same quality that an experienced builder with a well equipped workshop?
I have decided that building instruments is what I want to do for a living. What's the best way to get started?
Can I take on a particularly challenging project like an spinet, hurdy-gurdy or a guitar as my first instrument?
How does RWC kits compare with their competitors?
Can I modify the kit I buy to make it a different shape or size?
What can I do if, by mistake, I spoil a part?
Can I get the instruction manual  or plan to see how difficult the construction of the kit is?

Materials and Legislation

What is CITES
Travelling with a musical instrument
Price vs. Value



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